Phase 1 Occupancy Nears

Warm weather is headed our way! It is in the forecast and everyone is really ready for it.

As several of the townhomes are nearing completion and occupancy, a quick overview of site-related issues and what to expect in the next couple of months is in order.


We will be removing the concrete sidewalk and apron at Uptown next Monday and should have the new concrete poured on Wednesday. At this time we will also permanently remove the gate and PH1 fence to provide unrestricted access (once the concrete cures) for our residents. We will relocate the fence at that time to secure PH2 &3 and establish a walk-around for pedestrians to use while this work is being accomplished. We should be able to open the sidewalk back up to pedestrian traffic on Thursday or Friday at the latest. Light vehicular traffic can resume access about May 1. We have asked contractors to look ahead at any PH1 material deliveries and schedule those for THIS WEEK. We encourage you to do the same. In the meantime, limited, restricted vehicular access to PH1 will be through the entry gate at the E end of PH2 and by removing a fence panel as needed, but only as absolutely necessary. However, we will accommodate the residents in any way we can. Please contact Neeko at (231) 499-2064 or myself and we will work and work with you to minimize any inconvenience this may cause.


Once all the decks, painting and siding are done on the river side, we’ll get the landscaping in place between the riverfront units and the retaining wall. That’s about all the site work we can do until Charter gets the remaining wires and poles out of the way, which is expected by about the first of June, which will also give the contractors about 2 months to get the roofs, brick and siding done on units F and G. Once that work is done and the wires and poles are gone, we can get to work on the paving, steps, railings and landscaping between the buildings and everything else within the yellow highlighted area in preparation for occupancy of Units F and G. 

Unit J has been sold, leaving only units H & I still available. The framing of the last of the riverfront units (H, I and J) is already under way and we will proceed to finish them all on the outside. We are also commencing construction of the Cityside units concurrently with the remainder of PH2, so that all major exterior building construction will be complete by fall to minimize impacts to the residents and so that we can finish all the paving before winter hits again and those units can gain occupancy.

We are thinking about a ribbon cutting ceremony in early May and will announce it once we pin it down.

We are excited for the first residents to take possession of their new townhomes. They are each unique, beautiful and truly amazing!


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