Uptown A-B Elevations and Floor Plans Posted

Preliminary Elevations, Uptown Units A&B

Preliminary Elevations, Uptown Units A&B

Preliminary renderings of the A-B building Elevations have been developed (above) and Team Whiteford is now working on elevations for C, D, E building. We’ll give you a glimpse of that as soon as it is at a stage to show. All buildings will have contemporary brick exteriors with bay windows and bumpouts in complimentary accent colors.

While Units E through J all have the same footprint, there are many ways to lay them out, ranging from 2500 to nearly 4500 sf. Here is a link to a folder with the floor plans just posted for Unit G, along with the price sheet: http://1drv.ms/1oedC3n. It is a wonderful, spacious plan with great green outdoor spaces that comes in at about 3325 sf. We’ve also developed some great “typical” plans and prices for 2550 and 2785 sf units: http://1drv.ms/1oedYH9. And several larger plans recently done for Unit E, which is also based on the same typical footprint: http://1drv.ms/1oef1XJ

What is evolving is sort of a “kit” of parts, where you can choose a lower level from one plan, and main, second and third from others. In fact, we talked about putting all the plans for all the levels on one sheet, with prices on each level, so you can pick the plans you want for each level from the matrix and add up the prices to assemble a semi-custom unit, add the lot price and you’re done! Or, starting with these, customize to suite. There are some great ideas in each of the plans worth studying. Have fun!

Unit I (typical riverfront unit) in Phase 2 available and Unit B in Phase 1 has just become available. A sweet unit with river views, 2480 sf at $656,370 including the lot. Here is a link to fresh plans for that unit http://1drv.ms/1kVKa77













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