Uptown Schedule and Specifications

The Uptown Townhome Specifications have been published. They can be found in a subfolder of the Floor Plans folder: http://1drv.ms/THH8a9. In addition, a portfolio illustrating the standard plumbing fixtures and a brochure on the elevators have been placed in the Specifications folder.


Units D and J have been reserved since my last post, leaving just Unit B available at this time. While not right on the river, that unit will have river views to the south and west. A very nice floor plan for that unit has been developed, taking advantage of those views. Those plans can be found in the floor plan folder by clicking on the link above.


We should have an answer by the end of this week or early next on the question of whether accessible outdoor spaces on the roof of the third level will trigger fire suppression (sprinklers). Stay tuned.


Good News! We just received word from the State that we can prepare bidding documents for site work, which can begin as soon as August 1, pending completion of the bidding process. We can now start preparing a realistic construction schedule!

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